History of Kinetic Potential Coaching

A career-ending running injury directed Kinetic Potential Coaching founder Bobby Sweeting towards the sport of cycling at the age of 17. Now 28, he has been able to race professionally for the last 10 years, retiring in 2015 to focus on the expansion of KPC and the newly founded wheel brand, Alto Velo.

Using many of the same training styles, tailored to the skill sets of each athlete, Kinetic Potential equips every athlete to exceed his or her highest goals.  The first three KPC clients progressed from category 4 racers to elite level cyclists, prompting others to suggest that Sweeting bring these training methods “to the masses.”  This led to the creation of Kinetic Potential Coaching in 2009, a company offering totally customized training programs that give athletes of all ability levels the chance to reach their goals.

Christian Parrett joined the KPC family in 2015 as Head Coach and operator for all KPC camps and clinics.  He brings a wealth of racing and training experience to the team and a selfless dedication to every KPC athlete!

Mission of Kinetic Potential Coaching

At Kinetic Potential Coaching, we are fully dedicated to providing the three most important things every athlete needs: Real Coaching. Real Value. Real Results.

How do we do that?  It’s simple.

1.  Adapt to the lifestyle of the client.
Whether you work days, nights, or are a full time student, we excel at working around tough schedules.  As a professional cyclist and former full time design engineer, founder Bobby Sweeting understands the necessity of time management and ensures that Kinetic Potential plans will work for even the busiest athletes.

2.  Offer a variety of training programs.
Most young riders ascending through the ranks of cycling don’t have the means to train with a power meter, yet most coaching companies won’t accept a client without the use of one.  This view caters toward elite racers and the wealthy, leaving kids and talented regional athletes without guidance.  No power meter?  No problem.  Have one?  We do that, too.  With Kinetic Potential, you train at the highest level either way.

3.  Provide professional coaching at minimal cost.
So many coaching programs that we see are incredibly expensive and give you a “cookie cutter” schedule.  Our training plans are completely personalized and are offered at prices much lower than anything else on the market.

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