Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

We offer professional bicycle fitting for anyone who would like to ensure comfort, efficiency, and injury prevention while training.  Our bike fits are performed dynamically using 2D motion analysis software, giving you the most accurate and powerful fit available.

Our one-on-one fitting process includes cleat alignment, varus/valgus shimming, lateral knee tracking, saddle placement, upper body placement, and aerodynamic analysis.

If you don’t live nearby, no problem! We offer web-based bike fits as well. These fits will include everything that we would normally do in person, but we will rely on you to make the adjustments.  Web-based fits require a Skype consultation and the use of an HD video camera.  The web-based fit process can extend over several days, depending on the number of changes necessary.

Be sure that you are getting the most out of your body every time you train! Whether you’re a Kinetic Potential athlete or not, contact us to schedule a bike fit today.

One-on-one Dynamic Bike Fit: $150
Web-based Skype Consultation and Bike Fit: $175