Athlete Testimonials

“I began training with Bobby six years ago when first started racing. His program took me to the category one level within three years and I have been able to excel at the nation’s hardest races ever since. My goal is to have a pro contract by the end of this year and Bobby definitely knows what it takes to get me there!”
- Shawn Gravois: Category 1 Racer with Team Athletix benefiting Globalike





“One of the first things I learned working with Bobby was that I needed a coach. I would just go out and ride but never let myself recover. Bobby put me on a structured training program and I started noticing improvements very quickly. In the two plus years that I have been working with Bobby, I have improved my power numbers by over 20%. Bobby is extremely supportive and easy to talk to, whether about training, racing or just life in general and we communicate with a regular stream of text messages, e-mails and phone calls. I highly recommend working with Bobby – just look what it has done for me.”
– Bill Muzzio: Category 2 Racer with Bethel Cycle




“Two years ago I was a struggling amateur athlete in serious need of guidance. I had no real structure in my training and my racing was going nowhere, so I talked to Bobby about starting up a program after meeting him at a shop seminar. From the start he was very positive about my potential as an athlete and set up a training program tailored around my full work schedule. Instantly I felt like I was training with purpose and within the first couple of months I saw huge changes. Any questions I have with my racing or training are addressed super quickly and thoroughly. With Bobby’s program I went from category 4 pack fill to a competitive category 2 racer in 2 seasons. These first two seasons
are only the beginning of what has become my cycling career thanks to
Kinetic Potential!”
– Buddy Spafford: Category 2 Racer with Florida Velo


“I’ve been training with Bobby for the last 18 months and he has transformed my riding. My power, climbing ability (which was almost non existent) and race skills have all improved dramatically. He’s accomplished that by being completely approachable, insightful and persistently encouraging. It’s been a great experience.”
– Paul Parton: Category 4 Racer with Bethel Cycle





“I was self-coached for years before I met Bobby.  He’s a fierce competitor, yet completely down to earth.  I liked him instantly, and recognized that together, we could make me faster on a bike. It didn’t take long either.  Bobby pushed me harder than I ever pushed myself, but more importantly, he helped me become a better bike racer.  My strength and fitness have never been better.  I even won a race from a 400-meter sprint!  Mid-way through my first season with Bobby, I had two wins, and more podium and top 10 finishes than in my previous four years combined.”
– Justin Tyberg: Category 3 Racer with Bethel Cycle




“I knew that if i was going to be the best that I could be I would need personalized coaching.  I was recommended to Bobby Sweeting and started with his program right away.  What is different about Bobby is that I can always get in touch with him. If I have a question about the training or about a race he would get back to me right away.  With Bobby’s program and guidance I went from a cat 5 to a cat 3 in one season (as a 49 year old)   But more importantly I could now ride with some of the really good riders that had dropped me before I started Bobby’s program. With Bobby I feel like I am getting personalized advice tailored to my needs and schedule, and most importantly I feel like he really cares.”
– Guy Poirier: Category 3 Racer with Bethel Cycle



“Performance is guaranteed when working with Kinetic Potential. Bobby has shaped a perfect schedule for me as a high school student and junior cyclist. Bobby’s knowledge, support, and guidance have allowed me to make great advancements in cycling in a relatively short period of time. I cannot be more thankful to Bobby for his dedication to me as a first year competitive cyclist.”
– Will Bosch: Category 4 Racer with Bethel Cycle