Ally’s Bar

Ally Stacher has always been a foodie. She is always cooking up some of the most amazing concoctions in her kitchen. It was her love for food and adventure that lead her to creating ‘Ally’s Bar’. A unique blend of sweet potato, dates, quinoa, nuts, and berries combined with all natural Agave and coconut sweeteners, Ally’s bar is as healthy as it is tasty.

Ally grew up in the small town of Etna, California and was always the adventurer in her family. Moving to North Carolina to go to college after high school, Ally is well known as the girl who never said no to a new challenge. From Rodeo as a young girl, to wrestling, Ally finally turned her attention to cycling and quickly earned a spot on one of the number one women’s teams in the world. Outside of sport, Ally loves to spend time hanging out with her husband John, in her garden and in the kitchen where she brings us delicious recipes and of course the Ally’s Bar.

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